A Korean History for International Readers

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A Korean History for International Readers

The Story of Korea's History and Culture, told by the History Teachers to the People Around the World

Told in this book, is the story of the Korean people. How they formed a unified country and established their own culture and identity, and how they held together through all kinds of crises like the Korean war and the eventual division of the peninsula, they are all here. The message of hope the Korean people have always carried lets us tell the Koreans' proud history more effectively to others, and lets the people around the world understand the past of Korea, more vividly and passionately.

Korean History and Culture World Citizens should Read

This book is a historical text that covers Korean history from its foundation to the modern era. It especially deals with pre-modern societies of Korea in detail. Despite its long history, life in its society and its culture are rarely spoken of outsides the peninsula. Rather than arranging the historical events chronologically, this book focuses more on the details of the historical events by questioning how the diverse experiences that Koreans had affected their life and culture and what influences that culture had on constructing Korean history. This is the reason why we publish this book, although there are already numerous books that introduced Korean history. Readers could realize what Koreans have endured and how it lead to their position in the world today. It also mentions their moral values and what they believe is right or wrong.




Paperback | 328 pages | 257*188mm (B5) | 623g | ISBN : 9788958623632


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