SEOUL Survivor : Living and Working in South Korea

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“Sink or Swim?”

It's too soon to give up your life in Korea!
When first arriving in Korea, or in any new country for that matter, it is only natural to want to try and fit in--or at least try not to offend anyone with your lack of knowledge of the local culture. As one will soon learn, playing the role of the ignorant foreigner gets old fast, and in fact may have the effect of prolonging the amount of time it will take to start feeling comfortable. Within just over 200 pages Ryan Weaver's book, "Seoul Survivor," provides the practical information needed to live in and navigate Korea's dynamic cityscape, the cultural insight to avoid embarrassing social blunders, adapt to the Korean work environment, and become well-informed of the country's most pressing social issues.

The Challenge of Living and Working Abroad
Learning about a host country’s culture, etiquette, and social/business practices can play an important roll in speeding up the acclimation process.
Unfortunately, however, while learning about one’s new environment may be adequate for some of us, individuals traveling abroad to work, study and live often neglect a very important part of the expatriate puzzle, and that is themselves. If you really want to be happy and successful in your new home you must also make a careful self-examination in order to fine tune and develop new skills for dealing with uncharted obstacles and personal issues that may be waiting for you around the corner.

It takes an extraordinary person, on many levels, to make a seamless transition to living in Korea, but don’t worry, there is hope for the rest of us. Also covered in this book is pertinent information one may use to discern whether or not he or she is the right kind of person for such a challenge of living abroad. Equipping readers with information and tips to both better anticipate problems that one may have while living and working in another country, as well as providing ways to mitigate stress, and live happier. For Korean readers, learn about what makes life for foreigner residents in Korea challenging so that you can help them become a more productive part of the workforce and active members in the community.



[Table of Contents]

Foreword by Kang Hyun
Introduction: Sticking Out While Trying to Fitting in

Part 1. Korea at a Glance
1. Korean History: Legends and Controversy
2. North Korea: Is There a Threat of War?
3. The Miraculous Transformation
4. Korea's Modern Economy
5. Can You Find Korea on a Map?

Part 2. Getting off on the Right Foot
1. Introductions and Interacting with Others
2. Communicating with Non-native Speakers
3. Language that Causes Misunderstandings
4. What People Have to Say about Koreans
5. Misconceptions that Foreigners Have of Koreans and Vise Versa
6. Things about Korea that Foreigners Find Amusing, Strange and Annoying
7. Things about Foreigners that Irritate Koreans

Part 3. Navigating the City
1. Transport for Seoul
2. Crime and Public Nuisances
3. Don’t Forget to Bring Your BMW and Lots of Multivitamins
4. Finding a Residence/Apartment
5. Tourist Attractions

Part 4. Getting Settled into a New Lifestyle 
1. Korean Food 
2. Korean Dining Etiquette 
3. Hangouts and Hotspots
4. Drinking Etiquette
5. Shopping (Day and Night)
6. Blending In: Korean Fashion
7. Recreation

Part 5. Korean Culture in Focus
1. Humanity 
2. Filial Piety
3. Collectivism
4. Special Relationships
5. Korean Culture in Business

Part 6. Korean Society
1. Why Are Koreans So Competitive?
2. Confucian Roots: Both a Help and a Hindrance
3. Confucianism and its Effect on Business Development
4. Korea’s "Unique" Legal Environment
5. Korean Politics: Why So Much Fighting?
6. Korea’s Need for Education Reform
7. Korea’s Leadership Gap
8. Korea’s Social Development

Part 7: Social Issues Facing Korea
1. Senior Poverty
2. Korea: OECD's Suicide Capital
3. Anti-Americanism in Korea
4. Rights for Gays and Lesbians
5. Love and Marriage
6. Korea’s Spiking Divorce Rate
7. Are Koreans Open to 'International Couples?'

Part 8: Before You Book Your Flight
1. Evaluate Yourself
2. Will You be Able to Cope?
3. Keys to a Happy and Successful Life Abroad
4. Be Proactive in Discerning Which Practical Concerns Might Spoil Your Assignment
5. Take an Interest in Korea
6. Bring a Positive Attitude
7. Once You Arrive in Korea: Make Friends and Build Strong Relationships
8. Learn to See Problems from a Different Perspective
9. Cultural Adversity: Love It or Leave It

Appendix_ Useful Korean Expressions
Appendix_ Travel Information for Subway Tourists in Seoul



Paperback | 219 pages | 148mmx210mm(A5) | 368g | ISBN : 9788956602875


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