Magic Moments (마법의 순간)

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You’ve probably heard of Twitter, and maybe you like sending out regular tweets. But have you heard of a “Tweetbook”?

Yes, it’s a book about tweets. In 2013, Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho published his first Tweetbook titled The Magic Moment, a book based on tweets he’s posted over the years. And where was it first launched? In Korea! In fact, the illustrator for this Tweetbook is Korean cartoonist Jung Hwan Hwang.

Coelho, known all over the world for his remarkable novels like The Alchemist, is not only an active member of Twitter, but an incredibly popular one. With over 20 million followers (which is more than any other writer using social media), we can’t deny there’s something about his words that never fails to fascinate audiences. The Magic Moment gives us a chance to see just how gifted one writer can be, and just how powerful words – even short tweets! – can captivate us.

The next time someone tells you to stop wasting time on social media and do something productive, remind them there’s a lot that can be learned from tweets!


Hardcover | 288pages | 188*128mm (B6) | 440g | ISBN: 9788954429900

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