47 Korean Pronunciations for Foreigners Vol. 2

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47 Korean Pronunciations for Foreigners Vol. 2

Book intro by the publisher:

"47 Korean Pronunciations for Foreigners is designed for the effective teaching and learning of Korean pronunciation. Pronunciation is one of the fundamentals of foreign language education, and it is very difficult to correct the learner's pronunciation when the wrong pronunciation is already fixed due to the lack of proper pronunciation education during the beginning learning stages. The learner's mother tongue influences his or her pronunciation of the Korean language. Therefore, it is not easy for most learners to acquire the correct pronunciation of the Korean language in a short period of time. The education of pronunciation should be a continuous process from the beginning level to the advanced level, and we need educational materials for continuous listening and oral practice. However, the development of pronunciation textbooks for foreigners has not been so active. Thus, this book is designed to be used not only as a textbook in the classroom but also as a self-study book."




Paperback | 140pages | 257*188mm (B5) | 800g | ISBN: 9788955187243


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