Bibimbap(비빔밥): World's Choice for Well-being

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Bibimbap(비빔밥): World's Choice for Well-being

English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish. The cookbook translated in 4 different languages.

The bibimbap cookbook has been published in 4 different languages. It is <World's choice for well-being, Bibimbap>.

Bibimbap is Korea’s representative dish spot-lighted as well-being food. Bibimbap is a dish which is stirred together with rice, meat and mixed vegetables. Bibimbap is perfect for a low-calorie diet and with five essential nutrients in its ingredients, the dish is nutritionally balanced. So bibimbap is enticing the taste buds of people around the world.

<World's choice for well-being, Bibimbap> is extracted from the original Korean cookbook by Jhun, Ji Young. It contains 30 recipes of bibimbap. In order to help foreigners study Korean langauge, every English recipe is accompanied by its Korean translation on each page.

<World's choice for well-being, Bibimbap> is divided into two different parts: background information on bibimbap and bibimbap recipes. Background information on bibimbap is composed of "Story of bibimbap', "The basic of making Bibimbap, cooking rice", "Preparing the Wild Vegetables", "Glossary of Korean Cooking". Bibimbap recipe part is composed of "Traditional bibimbap", "Popular bibimap", "Fusion bibimbap", "Healthy bibimbap for dieting", and "Bibimbap for a box lunch".



Rave reviews from celebrities around the world 세계 유명인사들의 비빔밥 예찬 3

An iconic dish representing Korean cuisine, Bibimbap 한국 음식문화의 대표 아이콘, 비빔밥 4

Story of Bibimbap
Perfection in a bowl, Bibimbap 완벽한 한 그릇, 비빔밥 10

Basic of basic
The basic of making Bibimbap, Cooking rice 비빔밥의 기본, 맛있는 밥 짓기 12

Choosing the rice 쌀 선택하기 / Washing the rice 쌀 씻기 / Soaking the rice 쌀 불리기 / Making rice 밥 짓기 / Adjusting the fire 불 조절하기 / Making mixed-grain rice 잡곡밥 짓기 / Making brown rice 현미밥 짓기

Basic of basic
Preparing the wild vegetables 맛있는 나물 만들기 14
Marinating 무침 : Salty condiment 소금 양념 / Soy bean paste condiment 된장 양념 /
Hot pepper paste condiment 고추장 양념 / Soy sauce condiment 간장 양념
Pan broiled food 볶음 : Soysauce soup condiment 국간장 양념 / Salt condiment 소금 양념 / Red-bean paste condiment 된장 양념

Glossary of Korean Cooking 한국요리 용어사전 86
Food & Ingredients 요리 & 요리재료 / Cooking Techniques 조리법

Chapter 1 Regional Traditional Bibimbap 전통 비빔밥
Jeonju Bibimbap 전주비빔밥 18
Pyeongyang Bibimbap 평양비빔밥 20
Andong Bibimbap 안동비빔밥 22
Tongyoung Bibimbap 통영비빔밥 24
Pyongando Chicken Bibimbap 평안도 닭비빔밥 26

Chapter 2 Popular Bibimap 인기 비빔밥
Dolsot Bibimbap 돌솥비빔밥 30
Bibimbap with Garlic Chives 부추비빔밥 32
Bulgogi Bibimbap 불고기비빔밥 34
Bibimbap with Sashimi and Veggies 회야채비빔밥 36
Pork Kimchi Fried Rice 돼지고기김치볶음밥 38
Octopus Bibimbap 낙지비빔밥 40
Oyster Radish Rice 굴무밥 42
White Mushroom Bibimbap 버섯비빔밥 44
Soybean Paste Bibimbap 강된장비빔밥 46

Chapter 3 Fusion Bibimbap
Tuna Mayonnaise Bibimbap 참치마요네즈 비빔밥 50
Bibimbap Pizza 비빔밥 피자 52
Bibimbap Crepes 비빔밥 크레이프 54
Bibimbap Tteokgalbi 비빔밥 떡갈비 56
Bibimbap Dessert 비빔밥 디저트 58

Chapter 4 Healthy Bibimbap for Dieting
Sanchae Bibimbap 산채비빔밥 62
Vegetable Salad Bibimbap 야채샐러드 비빔밥 64
Young Radish Pumpkin Bibimbap 단호박비빔밥 66
Bean Sprouts Bibimbap 콩나물비빔밥 68
Tofu Soy Sauce Bibimbap 두부간장비빔밥 70
Acorn Jello Bibimbap 도토리묵비빔밥 72

Chapter 5 Bibimbap for a Box Lunch 비빔밥 도시락
Mini Rolled Bibimbap 꼬마김밥비빔밥 76
SSambab Bibimbap 비빔쌈밥 78
Yubu Bibimbap 유부비빔밥 80
Enrolled Bibimbapwith the Beef 찹쌀고기말이비빔밥 82
Fried Bibimbap Mixed with Kimchi and Corn 비빔밥옥수수전 84

Paperback | 88 pages | 297*210mm | ISBN : 9788991193550

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