Hello Korean with Joon-Gi Lee - Book #1

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Learn Korean through fun lessons with Joon-Gi Lee (이준기)! Joon-Gi Lee is one of the characters in the book and participated in the audio recordings for the DVD for this book. The book is full of easy explanations to follow and colorful illustrations that will make the learning experience more fun for you. All the sample sentences are based on the most commonly used words in everyday life in Korea.




[Table of Contents]

1과 안녕하세요? (Hello.)
2과 이것은 무엇입니까?  (What is this?)
3과 이 라면은 한 개에 얼마예요?  (How much is this ramyeon?)
4과 오늘은 며칠이에요? (What's today's date?)
5과 지금 몇 시예요?  (What time is it now?) 
6과 우리 집은 신촌에 있어요 (My house is in Sinchon.)
7과 저는 오늘 영화를 봅니다  (I am watching a movie today.) 
8과 주말에 명동에 갑니다  (I go to Myeongdong on weekends.) 
9과 오늘은 날씨가 어떻습니까?  (What is today's weather like?) 
10과 오늘 뭐 해요?  (What are you doing today?) 
11과 백화점에 가서 쇼핑해요  (I'm going shopping at the department store.)
12과 어제 영화를 봤어요 (I saw a movie yesterday.) 



Paperback | 288 pages | 257*188mm (B5) | 547g | ISBN(13) : 9788994011158 


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