I Need Romance (로맨스가 필요해) - Korean Reading

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I Need Romance (로맨스가 필요해) - Korean Reading
Joo Yeol-mae was in a 12 year on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend Yoon Seok-hyun, before they broke up for the fifth time 3 years ago. This is mainly because Seok-hyun keeps her at arm's length and does not want to get married. However, even after they break up, Yeol-mae and Seok-hyun remain friends and are present in each other's lives. Enter Shin Ji-hoon, an alluring new love interest who shakes up Yeol-mae’s world and lands her in a love triangle. Torn between two men, can Yeol-mae find true romance, or will she lose it all?




Paperback | 380 pages | 210*145mm | 610g | ISBN: 9788950946746

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