Korean Culture for Curious New Comers

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Korean Culture for Curious New Comers

Some who live in Korea or those who are here learning the Korean language are often embarrassed by Koreans asking “How old are you?”at their first meeting, and cannot understand how Koreans share jige, a dish similar to western stew, from a common bowl without using individual plates. That explanation is not that easy.

There are hundreds of thousands of foreigners living in Korea. Some are here for study, some for work and some live here with their Korean husbands. There are, however, only a few books available that may satisfactorily give answers to such curiosity. The author kept this in mind before starting this book - to attend to foreigners living the Korean life with cultural shocks.

This book introduces Korea as a whole including clothes, food, houses, sports and trips with a main focus on natural environment and socio-cultural variations to enable readers easily understand Korea in general. As well structured as the book is, the content is not stiff, and it is in relation with everyday life to make it easily comprehensible.

“Korean Culture for curious new comers”is a book greatly introducing Korean cultures, which Hannah Park has been researching and teaching for years, at foreigners’level. This book will be very useful in aiding foreign college students and multicultural families to understand and adapt to Korean cultures in a short period of time.



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Chapter I
First Impression of South Korea
Vibrant South Korea, Dynamic Korea!
Step 1 South Korea in the World
Step 2 Symbols of Korea
Step 3 Korean People and the Korean Alphabet

Chapter 2
Natural Environment and Administration
There are many beauties in Korea because it has clean water!
Step 1 Geography and Climate
Step 2 Nature and Korean People
Step 3 Administration District and Population

Chapter 3
Family and Manners
Why do Korean people always ask people’s age when they meet for the first time?
Step 1 Characteristics of Korean Families
Step 2 Family Relations and Manners
Step 3 Dol, Wedding Ceremony, Hoe Gap and Ancestral Rites

Chapter 4
Clothing Life and Han Bok
Korean People who Say ‘The Tailor Makes the Man.’
Step 1 Korean People and Clothes
Step 2 Han Bok Culture

Chapter 5
Dietary Life and Kimchi
Kimchi, hot and mouth-watering!
Step 1 Cooked Rice and Soup
Step 2 Table Setting and Table Manners
Step 3 Kimchi and Mak geol li

Chapter 6
Housing Lifestyle and On Dol
You take off your shoes at home?
Step 1 Traditional Han Ok
Step 2 On Dol and Sedentary Lifestyle
Step 3 Apartments and Modern Architecture

Chapter 7
History and Peoples
Korean History which Has Bounced Back up Like a Roly
Poly through Loyalty and Filial Piety
Step 1 Overview of Korean history
Step 2 People on Korean Currency

Chapter 8
Politics and Economy
Do you know the division of South and North Korea and ‘Miracle on the Han River’?
Step 1 Democracy and the Division of South and North Korea
Step 2 New Village Movement and Miracle on the Han River
Step 3 Today’s Korean Economy

Chapter 9
Education and Occupation
Korean People Live to Learn, even if They Are Poor! A Country without Illiterate People
Step 1 Education Fever and Education System
Step 2 Study in South Korea
Step 3 Career Path and Occupation

Chapter 10
Culture and the Korean Wave
National Character of Loving to Sing and Dance
Step 1 Traditional Culture and Heritage
Step 2 Contemporary Pop Culture
Step 3 Korean Wave and Korean Culture

Chapter 11
Sports and Tourism
The 1998 Seoul olympics and Cheering Heat in the
2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan
Step 1 Taekwondo and Soccer
Step 2 Sports and Leisure Culture
Step 3 Traffic, Tourism and Shopping

Chapter 12
Tradition and Religion
Lunar New Year’s Day, gift money, be happy!
Step 1 Korean Festive Days
Step 2 Religion



Paperback | 306 pages | 257*188mm | 581g | ISBN: 9788962927252

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