Korean Grammar in Use Beginning

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This series is the culmination of educational know-how and systematic grammar organization acquired by the three authors from their experience actually teaching Korean to foreigners in the classroom. In focusing strictly on Korean grammar, this series represents a departure from most current integrated teaching materials, allowing foreign learners to more easily concentrate on grammar in their study of Korean. The authors have included real dialogues and illustrations to make the study of Korean more interesting, especially for those students who have heretofore felt Koran grammar to be difficult. Further, this series equally serves as a general Korean grammar reference that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who regularly experience the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar first-hand.


[Table of Contents]

-How to Use This Book

■ Introduction to the Korean Language 
■ Getting Ready

Unit 1. Tenses 
Unit 2. Negative Expressions
Unit 3. Particles
Unit 4. Listing and Contrast
Unit 5. Time Expressions
Unit 6. Ability and Possibility
Unit 7. Demands and Obligations, Permission and Prohibition
Unit 8. Expressions of Hope
Unit 9. Reasons and Causes
Unit 10. Making Requests and Assisting
Unit 11. Trying New Things and Experiences
Unit 12. Asking Opinions and Making Suggestions
Unit 13. Intentions and Plans
Unit 14. Background Information and Explanations
Unit 15. Purpose and Intention
Unit 16. Conditions and Suppositions
Unit 17. Conjecture
Unit 18. Changes in Parts of Speech
Unit 19. Expressions of State
Unit 20. Confirming Information
Unit 21. Discovery and Surprise
Unit 22. Additional Endings
Unit 23. Quotations
Unit 24. Irregular Conjugations

■ Appendix
-Good Things to Know
-Answer Key 
-Grammar Explanations in Korean 
-Grammar Index



Paperback | 376pages | 257*188mm (B5) | 714g | ISBN: 9788959951987


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