Sogang Korean(서강 한국어): Compact Series 1

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Sogang Korean(서강 한국어): Compact Series 1

This new Sogang Korean series is an updated version of its predecessor with the following changes:

- New Grammar textbook
- Information on social and cultural context updated and modernized
- New illustrations and more effective layout
- Complete guide for Korean language learning, covering grammar, reading, speaking, listening and writing

The objective of this book is to assist readers to improve their communication skills in the Korean language. The format of the textbook and the workbook allows the learner to select and focus on any of the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). These skills are connected by a common learning objective in each lesson, enabling the student to build on each through new situations and repetition.
The students learn specific language functions through meaningful practice dialogues. Ultimately, students are able to create their own original conversations. Relevant illustrations accompany each lesson to provide visual context and to heighten student interest. In addition, lesson objectives and tasks have been written in English to facilitate the learning process for beginners. To further assist independent study, the book also includes English explanations of Korean grammar, scripts for each CD, complete translations for each lesson, and a glossary of terms.


[Table of Contents] 

한글 1과
한글 2과
한글 3과
한글 4과

준비 1과 반갑습니다
준비 2과 이게 뭐예요?
준비 3과 커피 주세요
준비 4과 서울역이 어디에 있어요?

1과 전화번호가 몇 번이에요?
2과 어디에 가요?
3과 극장에서 영화를 봐요
4과 어제 학교에 안 갔어요
5과 은행이 어디에 있어요?
6과 서강대학교에 어떻게 가요?
7과 내일 여행 갈 거예요
8과 이 옷을 입어 보세요
9과 요즘 어떻게 지내세요?
10과 수영할 줄 알아요
11과 같이 영화 볼까요?
12과 아파서 못 갔어요
13과 한국 음식을 먹어 봤어요
14과 말하기 수업이 제일 재미있었어요

Appendices 부록
Listening Script 듣기 지문
English Translation 영어 번역
Grammar Reference 문법 설명
CD Contents 트랙 목차



Paperback | 232 pages| 255*190mm | 441g | ISBN: 9788992491709

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