Test Guide to the New TOPIK 한국어능력시험 Ⅱ 실전 모의고사

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This study guide is designed to help students effectively prepare for the newly revised TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) II exam. In addition to providing useful study strategies for approaching the listening, writing and reading sections according to question type, the guide also includes three practice exams together with complete English explanations, thereby providing students with a quick path to passing the new TOPIK II exam. 


 Systematic and complete analysis of the newly revised TOPIK exam!

The authors thoroughly analyzed the National Institute for International Education’s official report on the recent TOPIK revisions along with numerous example test items so that students using this guide can become accustomed to the new TOPIK format.  

 Strategies to differentiate the various listening, writing and reading questions of the TOPIK II exam!

By introducing different study approaches based on the types of questions used on the new TOPIK II exam, students can more effectively prepare for successfully passing the exam as soon as possible.


 Three practice exams with detailed explanations included!

After working through each of the included mock exams as if they were real exams, students can use the included detailed explanations to self-check their answers and strengthen their own ability to judge correct and incorrect answer choices on the exam. 


 English translations for all exam items as well as all listening and reading texts!  

In addition to detailed explanations for all exam items, we have also provided English translations for all listening, writing and reading texts so that beginning students of Korean can easily understand how each is being used in its particular Korean language context.




Paperback | 288pages | 257*188mm | 547g | ISBN: 9788927750611

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